This Saturday, I will fly to Macau








Actually, I really want to visit Okinawa, but I only have one day off.

Therefore, I can only have a three days (two night) trip.

It's too short for visit Okinawa.

So, I decide to visit Macau "again".


Last time, I visited Macau with students of SLM.

We didn't have total free travel plan because of the group trip.


This time, I plan for our travel plan, schedule like a backpacker

(But I am not, cuase I don't plan to carry a backbag and live in a B & B, ha ha )


Anyway, this is small rest for my coming rough season, and also for Eric

( Kunlin's English name is Eric, which means an empire of some historical country !!!)


We are going to be very very very very.......million millon million very busy

( ha)


No matter what, we have the same goal and plan, and we are fighting for our future and on our way to our dreams.




ps. Any wrong grammer or vacaburary, please let me know.. I need to practice and enhance my English ability.

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